First Student’s Response

This response is based on the idea of pride and positive climate in an organization.  Of course, there are many ways of how a leader should organize co-workers, and the chosen method draws attention due to its “humane” nature. The author admits that positive energy, compassion, and attention to people’s strengths play the most important role in leadership and management. Though these factors are important, they should not be the only ones to rely on. If a leader pays attention to workers’ strengths only, human weaknesses are neglected, and there is a threat that they may be developed dramatically and stand on the way to success. A good leader should be able to consider all worker’s abilities as well as his/her strengths and weaknesses. It is not enough to treat positively in all situations in order to organize business properly. It is necessary to control the situation, and positive climate is not always appropriate. Still, I do agree that sometimes, a leader should care about climate of positivity.

Second Student’s Response

Honesty policy seems to be a successful concept to rely on while leading an organization. It is true that many people prefer to lie not to hurt others or even to save themselves. Still, one of the main goals of the majority of health care organizations is not to hurt people. So, I cannot agree with the fact that honesty has to be the main policy for a good leader. Of course, it is necessary to promote true feelings, emotions, and understanding among the co-workers. But sometimes a piece of lie may improve the situation and help people, just remember the movie Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey. Even the most successful leader cannot be sure of honesty of each worker in the organization. Human nature is complicated, and it is difficult to trust to everyone and to be honest with everyone. It seems to be a great idea to strive for honest relations; though, one honest organization is not enough. Society should be honest, and this is impossible for today.

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