How Your Beliefs and Values about Human Nature

There are many ways how a person can improve his/her life, still, the basic one is the necessity to believe in something and clearly define personal values. Whetten and Cameron (2010) introduce the line consisting of three points that are negative deviance, normal, and positive deviance and prove that any organization, as well as its leader or manager, has to strive to take the middle (normal) position in order to succeed. I think that such kind of a model is a perfect idea to be followed. Not many people are able to define their own philosophies and need a hint on how to consider human nature and behavior. This model shows that it is crucial to have a goal, take the steps to achieve it as soon as possible but never neglect other people’s feelings and values. People should be purposeful, otherwise their lives will be meaningless. People should also never forget about compassion and understanding in order to be understood by others. It is hard to predict or comprehend human behavior or actions, but if goals are clear, understanding of human nature as well as behavior will be easier. This is why I strongly believe that any person, whether he is a leader or an ordinary worker or even unemployed, should stay humane and have a goal that fulfils his/her life and makes people stronger, more determined, and able to cope with the challenges around.


To become a good leader, it is necessary to create a successful mental framework that defines personal values and actions. My philosophy considers the importance of goal in life and humanity and becomes a powerful basis for the creation of a mental framework. It is not enough to clear up the goals to lead people. Leaders should strive for positive change in their organizations; Whetten and Cameron (2010) offer a powerful framework that leads to positive change and involves the establishment of positive climate, readiness for change, vision of abundance and commitment to this vision, and introduction of positive change itself. This framework consists of several points, therefore, a leader should set the goals and cover all above-mentioned issues. Still, without support and understanding of all members of the organization, leader’s actions will be hardly effective. So, my belief to stay humane and try to consider the opinions of people around plays an important role in my mental framework. This value should not make leaders compassionate to everyone. A good leader should be able to listen, hear, and analyze information, but make conclusions independently regarding personal knowledge, practice, and values. I think that such attitude to the creation of a mental framework is favorable, as it touches upon some professional skills and human nature and values which are important in everyday life.

Of course, the models offered by Whetten and Cameron turn out to be helpful. They explain the necessity to organize personal thoughts, actions, and values and choose the best options for a certain situation. Usefulness of models is evident, and really good leaders should understand that their work and communication with workers will be better in case some models will be followed and used as back-up plans. The point is that such models do not make leaders dependent on something but make them confident in their next steps.

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