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The M Resort is located on South Las Vegas Boulevard at St. Rose Parkway. This resort was created by Anthony A. Marnell III. One may find here a high quality service and all possible ways of entertainment from casino and to pool. The design of the resort is made according to the latest trends in the architecture style; it has a lobby area with a wall made of glass windows, and the design is performed with the dark wood, which creates the relax atmosphere for the visitors.

The M Resort has few restaurants on its territory, where the widely recognized chefs cook delicious dishes and the professional barman makes the best cocktails. Moreover, studio B has special screens that demonstrate the cooking process in the kitchen and one may observe how his/her dish is prepared. Besides the traditional dishes, Seonkyoung Longest offers Asian cuisine that combines the dishes from China, Korea and Japan; it also has the sushi bar (Adams 2009). This sushi bar В“Vig DeliВ” gives an opportunity to taste the food like hot dogs, pizza or hand-made deserts. This fast-food section is located near the race and sports book, so one may enjoy meal and watch the game at the same time.

The M Bar is located on the casino floor and every person can find something that he/she likes. The M Bar has 160 types of wine and more than 96 different kinds of beer, including the classical beer and unique sorts of ales. When the weather is warm the visitors may have a pleasure to enjoy sunset on the outside piazza .

The M Resort has two pools and two Jacuzzis; their general square is more than one hundred square feet (Premier Spas & Romance Spas Directory 2008). Moreover, there is also a special pool for adults, which is called Daydream; every week one may visit a special party there.

M resort also offers its clients Spa Mio, which uses the latest unique methods in order to bring the maximum relaxation for the visitors.

The Order for an Integrated Resort

Historical Situation

The M Resort Spa and Casino was opened in March 2009 in order to provide its service to the residents of Las Vegas and guests from other states (M Resort makes its South Strip debut 2009). The resort was high priced by the Forbes Travel Guide and received such awards as В“Best Local HotelВ” and В“Best Buffet in Las VegasВ”.

Political Aspect

M Resort is a relatively new entertainment business and today one cannot outline any specific political issues that have any influence on the development of the M Resort Spa and Casino (Nichols & Tosun 2008). The only thing that can be mentioned is that the M Resort Spa and Casino works as a legal business and there have been not detected any violations.

Economic Aspect

After a year of glorious success, the M Resort Spa Casino experienced both economic ups and down, which was connected with the economic challenges. In October 2010, the Perin National Gaming bought the resort for 860 million dollars because of the financial problems. However, due to the effective deal with the Bank of Scotland, the owner of the M Resort Spa Casino could return it back the same year (Premier Spas & Romance Spas Directory 2008). Nevertheless, the multi-million debt is still not cancelled, though Marnell is still the president of the company.

The Contribution of the M Resort and Spa Casino

Concept of the IR

The M Resort Spa Casino presents a new type of the entertainment service. Las Vegas has always been famous for its wide choice of casinos and luxurious hotels. The M Resort Spa Casino united both elite casino and the high quality hotel. According to this fact, visitors may enjoy a good casino and a place where they can relax so that they do not have to visit two different locations for that goal. Thus, this resort corresponds to the two main conditions of IR: blend of nature and mixed-use development.

Mixed-used development is an important aspect of the thriving of tourism. In the case of the M Resort Spa Casino, tourists who visit Las Vegas have one goal and it is to receive the maximal pleasure from the trip to Las Vegas (M Resort unveils retail mall plans 2008). They want to get everything from it, visiting casino, having a suit in five star hotel, tasting different cuisines, receiving the relax spa massage and many other things. However, sometimes people do not have enough time to do everything they have planned and thus, they need to make a choice which one is odd. The M Resort Spa Casino includes all these types of entertainment and now the visitors, who want to receive the full spectre of entertainment in Las Vegas, have such opportunity.

The visitors of the M Resort Spa Casino will find casino, comfortable suits, delicious dishes of oriental, Italian and other cuisines, a wide choice of cocktails, wine and beer, pools and of course, the spa treatment.


Stream of Revenue

The owners of the M Resort Spa Casino used the mix-development principle in order to target the large audience of the potential clients. Thus, the clients with different requirements and expectations will choose the M Resort Spa Casino because they can find there what they need. For example, a potential client has a goal to visit a casino in Las Vegas; it is his/her primary goal and the first thing that he/she does is searching for a good casino and then he/she finds a good hotel, restaurant, etc. (Zagorsek 2009). Another client wants to have a good hotel and places where he/she can relax in the evening, and the casino is also good, but is not the primary goal of his/her visit. Thus, first of all this client searches for a good hotel and then he/she chooses other places. However, both clients will probably give preference to the all-inclusive place because there is no need to spend time on searching a good casino, restaurant or hotel, when everything is in one place.

The strategy of all-inclusive has a great influence on the clientsВ’ opinion and preference because people like when everything is nearby. According to this fact, M Resort has more advantages than the best casino or most luxurious hotel because it offers the additional services that are as well important for fulfilling the initial clientsВ’ purposes (Nichols & Tosun 2008). Thus, the stream of revenue is predetermined mostly by the additional services of the M Resort Spa Casino. Almost 45 per cent of the whole revenue is the result of such services as bar, restaurant, pool, spa and the rest part is the casino.

Role of Casino

Casino occupies the central part in the M Resort Spa Casino. The majority of clients visit the M Resort Spa Casino in order to spend an evening in the casino. However, they are usually pleasantly surprised when they get to know about other services such as bar, pool or spa. In fact, casino makes the resort receive more money because it works as the advertisement and the clients who visit the M Resort Spa Casino do it mostly because of the casino. As it was mentioned before, casino brings about 55 per cent of the general revenue (MGM Grand Las Vegas 2014). According to this fact, the owners pay special attention to the development of casino and introduction of the new games. Today, the clients may play such games as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and many other popular games.

Value Creation

The M Resort Spa Casino is constantly developing and the owners introduce new entertainments for its visitors that one cannot find in other casinos. The restaurant offers new dishes that are cooked by the professional chefs, the barmen prepare amazing cocktails and the spa managers can do great massage (M Resort unveils retail mall plans 2008). The IR is oriented to expanding the variety of services and, as a result, enlarging the clientsВ’ number.



Gambling is not only legal in Las Vegas, but it is also the part of Las Vegas and its fame. Las Vegas is first of all famous for its gambling culture, and those people who visit this city have the only goal, which is visiting the casino. However, despite the fact that casino is legal, it is still viewed as something indecent and even vulgar. Casino is often associated with depravity, greed and deception (Bickford 2006). Another challenge of the M Resort Spa Casino is the special services and entertainment for adults like Daydream Private Pool Club for persons aged 21 years old and above. Such places bring both positive and negative popularity to the Casino; everything depends on peopleВ’s perception of such entertainments.

Moral and Ethical Issues

The M Resort Spa Casino is a good place to relax and enjoy the vacation. The Casino offers various ways of entertainment and the staff will do everything to satisfy all clientsВ’ needs. However, when one takes into consideration the casino, he/she cannot give a blind eye to the ethical issues and moral.

Despite the fact that there are no any record cases of violation of ethical norms in the M Resort Spa Casino, it does not mean that such situations have not taken place. Nevertheless, the M Resort Spa Casino warns about special types of entertainment that are available only for adults in order to avoid the violation of the code of ethics (Bourie, Courtis et al. 2006). Moreover, the M Resort values its world reputation and thus, all visitors should have the ID in order to prove their age and right for gambling.

Las Vegas has a reputation of the city which thrives due to the casino business; it is the main stream of revenue and thus, the authorities do not see any negative features in this type of entertainment. The native residents as well as the tourists do not perceive gambling as an evil because in fact Las Vegas has been created in order to establish control over the gambling and make it legal. Las Vegas is a state that is not for poor people; those who live in Las Vegas or visit it are ready to spend big sums of money during one evening.

Nevertheless, there are still some people who believe that Las Vegas and casinos like the M Resort Spa Casino give nothing good to people except for the depravity of the moral values (Costa & Dreyer Duperray 2014).

The majority of religions are also against gambling and Christianity introduces casino and gambling as the devilВ’s work. Fortunately, the M Resort Spa Casino respects such opinions and believes that people, who do share their views on gambling, will never visit such city as Las Vegas. According to this fact, the ethical issue in Las Vegas is the contradictive one because Las Vegas is the place, where morality is not the main virtue.

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Evaluating Present and Plan for Future of the M Resort Spa Casino

Environment Scanning


Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in Nevada, the state which received the popularity of being a place where a person has full freedom of actions. Since the very beginning of its founding, gambling has been an essential part of Las Vegas. However, in 1919, the government forbade gambling and it had the negative impact on the economy of the state. Fortunately, ten years after, the law was annulled and gambling was renewed bringing about the economic stability (Bracey 2009). Since that time, gambling has also been the essential part of Las Vegas and today there is probably no such person who does not associate Las Vegas with the gambling business.

The M Resort Spa Casino as well as many other similar casinos in Las Vegas work as legal businesses and the laws adopted by the US governments give them permission to introduce the gambling business on the territory of Las Vegas.

Almost all tourists who visit Las Vegas have only one goal and it is gambling. Some people visit Las Vegas because in their native countries the gambling business is forbade or illegal and thus, they have no opportunity to feel the full excitement of this process.


The gambling business and tourism service, which is connected with it, are the main sources of profit for Las Vegas. The average visitor spends about fours in casinos and as a result Las Vegas receives about 3 million dollars every day. The popularity of Las Vegas is so high that it is said that more than 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year (FrommerВ’s 2012). According to this statistics, one can only imagine how much money Las Vegas brings to the economy of the state and national budget.

Moreover, people who live in Las Vegas receive an opportunity to earn money all year round because despite other tourism places like the seaside of the Mediterranean Sea, Las Vegas is not the kind of season holiday resort and it works all year round (The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, chooses the Materials Management System' 2005). Thus, it can be said that casinos mean the constant stream of profit that never ends and does not requires any specific innovations.

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Las Vegas and gambling have existed almost a hundred years and the image of Las Vegas as the gambling capital not only of the United States, but the whole world has become a norm in the consciousness of many generations. Thus, the society of the United States does not have a negative vision of Las Vegas (Greenlees 2008). Moreover, many people believe that it is a good idea to unite all gambling businesses in one place and provide control over them. In this way, the government is able to receive profit from it which increases the national budget and as a result diversifies the lives of all people in the country.

Undoubtedly, there are such social groups which believe that gambling cannot be recognized as legal because it leads to decrease of morality, especially if government supports it. Nevertheless, no one can deny that Las Vegas and casinos bring more advantages to people and make a significant contribution to the economy of the country.


Example for the World

The M Resort Spa Casino is a classical example of the successful development of gambling business in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that this resort is a relatively new business, it already brings much profit to the national budget. As a result, the resort brought almost 12 billion dollars in previous years and its opportunities continue to grow (Herczog 2008). The M Resort Spa Casino is a great example to other casinos because despite the numerous competitors, the business prospers and it already has its permanent clients whose number continues to grow. Thus, it can be said that even in the environment full of various casinos, one still can develop its own casino related business and reach success.

All Inclusive

The modern customersВ’ demands are oriented on the services and products. Thus, a successful entrepreneur knows that the success of his/her business depends on whether he/she is able to satisfy all customersВ’ demands. According to this fact, the all-inclusive tendency is a new trend in many business that offer services to its clients (Premier Spas & Romance Spas Directory 2008). The M Resort Spa Casino also uses this principle in order to be the leader among other opponents and receive the approval of their clients. Thus, customers can easily find any kind of services in one place beginning with accommodation and ending with food and drinks.

International Events

The M Resort Spa Casino always holds various events in order to attract the attention of the potential visitors. Thus, one can enjoy the performances of Martin Nievera or the new show which is called В“The Ultimate Elvis TributeВ”. In this way, managers want to underline that the clients will receive a full package of entertainment if he/she visits the M Resort Spa Casino.

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Risk Management

The risk management is an essential part of any business, especially when one talks about casinos. In fact, it is difficult to predict how the crises will affect the business or whether the new casino will not be more popular and as a result lead to the loss of clients and finally bankruptcy (Houston 2013). Thus, managers who develop the risk management plan are ready for everything and they try to develop the strategy that will help to cope with any problem that a casino may face in the nearest future.

The M Resort Spa Casino is a classical resort that develops fast and gains more and more popularity every year. The managers offer new solutions that will lead the resort on a new level and as a result it will receive more popularity among customers. Nowadays, the M Resort Spa Casino is one of the most promising resorts in Las Vegas which has its own unique style and principles of providing the quality service.


Figure 1: The entrance to the M Resort Spa and Casino


Figure 2: The pool of the M Resort Spa and Casino


Figure 3: the suit of The M Resort Spa and Casino

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