The  Use of Tablets in Business


Tablets are currently and quickly changing work habits and the way businesses operate. Essentially, it has enhanced e-commerce, improved communication, customer service delivery and reduced cost of operation given that information can be exchanged through email, WhatsApp and Twitter on time. Tablets are highly portable and more efficient than computers hence business managers and other employees prefer to use them.

Specific Examples of Businesses Using Tablets in their Processes

Most of the businesses are on an inevitable race to use tablets in advertising, information system department, human resource areas and procurement. Apple Incorporation was ranked among U.S-based companies found to rely much on tablets in business activities. Firstly, Apple Inc. managers rely on tablets in promoting their products. When contacted, the managers revealed that it is easier to post features of the products through tables. Moreover, the tablets are highly portable to carry and hence can be used in any place at any time.

Secondly, the company uses tablets in information business system activities. The employees exchange information with customers via tablets. In addition to that, all the employees are connected across the globe, something that has positively impacted on turnover. Essentially, customers find it convenient because they do not need to visit Apple Inc. outlet to collect information about a product.

Thirdly, the company human resource section relies on tablet to send and receive emails from potential and existing employees. This reduces time wastage and hence promotes performance. Lastly, the tablet supports e-procurement used by the business in daily supplies activities. Managers can communicate with suppliers on time at any place.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablets for Businesses

Tablets have several advantages over the computers and phones. First of all, they are highly portable, flexible and attractive. This means that managers find it easy to operate business activities. However, they are disadvantageous especially on security matters. It is easier to have a tablet stolen than a computer. Lastly, they are costly in purchase and operation.

Ethical and Security Considerations

There is a need to address the ethical and security matters on tablets. So far, inadequate security measure has been taken device to secure personal information, which is risky to all businessmen.

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