Retail Industry Business Essay

Retail industry develops in line with world technologies and updates. Meanwhile, social media took one of the most important places in lives of different generations, especially youth. The article by L. Heller covers surveys on the matter of the most well-known social network Facebook and its contribution to the retail industry. Though it does not give the full objective picture of social network usefulness, it reveals the efforts retailers spend to “deploy social media plans”. It seems reasonable to spend time and money for social media because of amount of time people spend in Facebook. Since potential customers may find out there about the products they need, or explore them while communicating to their friends. From emotional point of view people also may advice their friends some products they have tried, thus extending consumer area. Certainly it does not work perfectly yet, as Capgemini investigation says. Nevertheless, this area still develops and takes more time, at least in attracting the customers. Even though from the first sight it may seem like the waste of money, smart business developers understand the risk of evolving money into future technologies. A lot of purchases are made by impulse, making social networks easier to use comparing to the online stores.


From my own experience, it is easier to have everything stored in one social network that is used the most, thus Facebook is a good possible solution. Such practice is convenient especially for women because they prefer to ask for advice from friends or those who used the product before the purchase is made. Thus, retail in social networks gives this opportunity without wasting time. It gives customers more pleasure, inspiration and convenience in shopping. This practice requires better implementation since the impact is predicted to be significant.

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