The King Fashion Company is a suit and other fashion products manufacturer situated in Hong Kong. It has the name “King” for the high quality and long expectation of clothing products. The company has the royal crown logo because of the symbolic meaning of the upper class. The mission of the business is to lead the best fashion brands in the world and provide captivating consumer experience that ensures customer loyalty for a long time. The primary target audience of the firm is the upper class, models and those planning for weddings.

The company has put on considerable market plans including price, distribution, promotion, and product plans that will allow the business entity to outdo its competitors. The firm has also adopted a layout by function to make work easier.

The company uses Internet technology to boost its operations. The firm also employ the E-marketing that allows customers to make orders online. The King Fashion also engages actively on social media to advertise its products. Due to her expertise in the field, the marketing director has made a significant impact on social media. Some technologies like CCTV that monitor workers, mobile phones that make communication easier and point of sale that is used for the transactions are used in the firm. The company has also maintained a social responsibility to make an enormous impact on the community, environment, and employees.

King Fashion Company

General Business Description


The fashion company has a name of the King for the high quality and long expectation of clothing products.


As for the company logo, the royal crown was selected because of the symbolic meaning of the upper classes.


Hong Kong is famous for the quality and popularity of the fashion industry; therefore, the general headquarters of the company is located here. The firm’s heritage, which is considered as the leading customer, Tailors of the Hong Kong, has the experience of at least 60 years and three generations.

Products and Services

The King Fashion Company has a clarifying structure of products and services. There is nothing as remarkable as the feelings and emotions of the customers when they get their King Fashion custom made clothing or suits. Designing and production of the suits are done within the short time-honored process in the company’s workshops. Moreover, the firm’s garments are innovated with a keen vision of fashion, generally keeping the innovation fashionable yet struggling into the experiences of the abundant histories. Furthermore, the clothes are designed considering such aspects as perfection, elegance, and splendor making them perfect suits that never lose their fashionable styles. The company also offers pictures and photographs that could stand for the products and related illustration for a range of innovative products. Meanwhile, art products and conceptualized products pursue the growth of marketing media. It is necessary to execute strategies for accessory brand advertising, which includes pricing aims, consumer profile, launch project, and product assortment (Burns, Bryant, & Mullet, 2011). All these aims at developing the organization's products and making service even better.

Type of Organization

Although there are diverse types of organizations, the King Fashion Company concentrates on the leadership in the firm and the direct relationship with the ultimate goal of achievement of the organizational objectives. Administration pertains to the creative business, which is applied in most design organizations. Several notable instances indicate the diversity of operations of similar firms in the industry (Manlow, 2007). Moreover, allowing flexibility from traditions is essential for the fashion sector. Fashion company management is a process that begins with the completion of an innovative line of apparel and is consistent until the consumers make a purchase. The method includes growing a brand image and showing the path to the market, which may be personal consumers or store purchases. Once store purchasers choose what they expect out of an innovation line, the merchandising of stores starts with outreach to company customers and shows design in the organization (Kincade & Gibson, 2010). It is essential to design line selling for the King Fashion Company. Showing a product to attract consumers and make it easy for them to purchase is the target of marketing (Davis & Scase, 2000). Products designers of the company trade their lines by creating a brand that attracts the reasonable consumers and retailer purchasers, making them expect to see more. Furthermore, the Internet has broadened design line merchandising related to sites for the fashion exhibition. Moreover, e-commerce trading and pictures of designer lines allow consumers to purchase directly from the company. Excellent visibility and customer interests within a chain promote its appeal to company buyers, who can find a new line and buy it for the business. However, organizational purchasers also faced reducing risks of investing in a line that does not sell well.

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Mission Statement

To lead the best fashion brands in the world and provide a captivating consumer experience that pursues loyalty for a long time.


Detailed Description of the Product

The King Fashion Company will be involved in providing better productі and services to its customers. The products supplied by the King Fashion Company range from customized suits sold within the firm’s premises to imported trendy clothes.

Main Product

The company offers trendy fashion outfits as its primary product. The mission of the business is to be one of the recognized fashion houses in the world. Therefore, the firm specializes in suits and trendy clothes.

Cost of Goods Sold

The sale of clothes is seasonal, since many clothes are sold more during the festival season compared to other periods. The business has put into place a detailed plan that will deal with the demand during the festive season.

COGS = purchases + opening inventory-closing inventory

100,000 + 200,000- 160,000


Unique Selling Advantage

The King Fashion Company has power over the competitors, because before the establishment of the business, a SWOT analysis was carried out, and it was determined that there was some gaps left by the competitors, such that they did not deliver their items in good time. Additionally, the designs of other producers cannot match those of the King Fashion (Bickle, 2010). The King Fashion Company utilizes this gap by providing goods in time to create a good rapport with the customers. Another selling advantage the firm’s clients will get is for every purchase of designer suit they will get a free tie.

Target Market

The King Fashion Company is located in Hong Kong, which is a major business center. The firm will target government officials, youth, models and those who are planning for the wedding. The marketing team will offer the company brochures of the industry to these groups. The firm will give discounts on attaining a certain sales limit in order to attract more sales.


· Delivering drones to deliver the orders quickly. Companies such as Amazon’s Prime and Google’s Project Wing Air have fueled this trend.

· The widespread use visual search. The trend in the fashion industry has changed drastically with people shifting from text to visuals.

· Automated messaging to champion customer service due to global staff communication within the industry.

· Men’s online fashion industry is growing.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will be useful for the company, since it will enable the firm to know its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market (Burns et al., 2011). The business entity, therefore, will use the marketing plan to achieve its objectives. The method is also applicable to check the attainment of the firm’s goals.

Product Plan

With a well-equipped wide variety of machinery, equipment, materials and human resources needed, the King Fashion Company sees itself in a better position in the near future compared to other firms in the fashion industry in the region. The product plan will entail the following aspects:

Forecast market expectations. This will entail determining potential sales based on market trends, placed orders, and historical information.

Inventory control. An effective and reliable inventory levels will have to be established as well as a sound inventory system should be developed. This will enable the firm to plan on future production expenses.

Standardize steps and time. The firm will map the processes of production in the order that they happen and then incorporate the average time it takes to complete an order. After this, the company will document similar activities for future use and use them as a base-line to establish future routines and times. This will speed up the planning process.

Promotion Plan

The King Fashion Company promotes its sales by giving its customers 25% off on the next visit. The firm also offers a 25% discount to the clients who bring new customers with them. The company is also keen on first users, since they get 10% off on their first purchase. The promotion strategy has enabled the King Fashion Company to gain many customers, since its products are cheaper but of excellent quality.

The King Fashion Company provides promotions not only to its customers but also to its employees. The firm awards its workers for excellent performance, and this has led to loyalty of staff members and has boosted their morale in working as well.

Distribution Plan

The King Fashion Company has come up with a distribution plan, which enables the customers to locate the firm quickly (Carr & Newell, 2014). The business entity has set up an online platform where consumers make orders that are shipped within five working days within China and seven business days within Asia. This has made the company’s services more convenient to its customers.

Pricing Plan

The King Fashion Company deals with a variety of goods ranging from suits, t-shirts, dresses, to shoes and all other fashion garments. The price of an item depends on several constraints. The King Fashion Company is set to consider prices of its products based on such factors as competitors’ prices, cost of production and price sensitivity. The firm seeks to sell its goods at customer friendly prices that will eventually accrue the business its targeted profit levels. The prices will be at the same level or slightly lower than that of the company’s competitors; this will not jeopardize the quality of the company’s products.


Operation Layout

The King Fashion Company has adopted a plan to function effectively and to ensure that all processes are efficient. This has made the work easier, since all activities of same categories have been grouped together. In making clothes, the cutting of all materials is consolidated in one place, sewing is done in another place, and packaging in done in other premise. This helps in limiting the scope and making coordination easy.

Operational Assumption

Operation assumption by the King Fashion Company is that the workers cooperate well according to the layout, the trend in industry is not changing such that during festive season the demand for clothes is higher, the competitive advantages of the company are not be matched by any business and that the firm has a flexible budget which can be changed according to the industrial demand.


Operation Workflow

The production process begins once the company receives an order. The next step is sampling where the client can decide on the type of suit he wants, either slim fit of a normal fir suit. After that, the next step is material sourcing, where the firm uses the material as demanded by the customer. The client, if physically available, can inspect the material to ascertain that it is the right one required. After inspection, the material is cut to fit the customer’s measurements and then, sewing starts immediately. For the suits that need embroidery, this stage is done before sewing. Once sewing is completed, the suit undergoes inspection to see if it has any faults, and in case it has, the defects are mended, if there are no faults, the suit moves to the next stage of washing and finishing. Once all the steps are successfully completed, the suit is ready to be packaged and checked once more before finally being shipped to the customer.

Break-Even Point Calculation

This is the price at which the King Fashion must sell its products for a given volume. It is essential for the company, because it gets to know the price it will charge for its product or services. The business entity also uses this value for planning. To calculate the break-even point, the company must understand its fixed costs, the volume of production and variable costs per unit.

The fixed costs for the company amount 3,000,000$. This value includes rent and wages of the employees. The variable costs are 20$ per unit, and the firm expects to sell 10,000 units.

Break-even point = 3,000,000/10,000


300 + 20 = 320

The result shows that the company will sell its suits at 320$ per unit.


General Manager

Mr. Jim Bob

Qualification and experience

Age 27, B.A. Marketing Management, has 12 years of experience as an assistant manager at GUCCI.

Essential roles of the General Manager include:

a) Formulation and implementation of company policies.

b) Formulation and realization of important strategies that will accrue profits and diversify operations of the firm.

c) Creation of operational plans for the firm.

d) Maintaining the functioning performance plan for the company.

e) Generating a functional financial control system.

Marketing and Advertising Director

Mrs. Lampaso Lance

Qualifications and experience

Age 31. Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication, Oxford University. Lampaso Lance has an extensive marketing background with 1 billion followers on Twitter where she will market the products and more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Lampaso is an active marketer, and her presence at Toyota made the company famous.

The essential duties of the Marketing and Advising Director will include;

a) Development and implementation of a tactical marketing plan for the whole firm.

b) Coordination of promotion and training of staff.

c) Spearheading market research in order to realize lead market research efforts to uncover the feasibility of products manufactured and offered by the firm.

d) Working with the Financial Manager to determine budgets and targets.

e) Development of a pricing strategy for products and services of the company.

Organization Chart

Staffing Plan

The company will recruit both internally and externally. The firm will give first priority to internal workers through internal recruitment; consequently, the business entity will save more money and spend less time on staff training (Dinnen & Alder, 2017). Internal recruitment will also act as an incentive for the personnel to work harder.

The King Fashion Company will apply the external recruitment in a circumstance when it wants to initiate performance, gain new experience and ideas from the fashion industry.

Employee Training Program

The firm seeks to employ group training as the most effective training plan. According to it, a group training organization hires trainees under a unique traineeship contract. At the end of the training, the host employers offer jobs to the trainees. Under this plan, the employer is responsible for the quality and the stability of all the trainees, training and employment. The program, in addition, provides additional measures to realize a fruitful training contract. The King Fashion Company seeks to apply for this program in order to operate as the best employers in addition to making the employees more competitive in the industry.

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Organization Culture

The organization culture of the King Fashion includes the following aspects:

i. Before a decision is implemented, the manager must get the view of the employee.

ii. Customers complaints must be addressed in an urgent manner.

iii. There is an annual award for the best employee and the most loyal customer.

iv. All employees must have a tag showing his or her name and his or her working position.


Internet Marketing

The King Fashion Company will engage in the Internet marketing. The company has set a website where customers are able to make their purchases. The firm has chosen Internet marketing, since it is convenient to customers, and the target group can be reached (Nwankwo & Gbadamosi, 2011). The company has set a 24-hour working support that will answer all questions from customers in order to attract more attention to this kind of market. The firm has also established a free subscription, which means sending mail to subscribers informing them about the items on offer and updating them on new arrivals.

Social Networking

The marketing manager of the King Fashion Company has identified social media as a rich platform to do marketing. The manager who is actively involved in Twitter and Instagram with over 1 million followers in each account takes the advantage of posting adds to the company. The firm also has official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, where it posts its ads on promotions, new arrivals, and discounts. Social media has helped the company to increase its sales.

Operational Technology

Security technology

The company has adopted security technology like CCTV to reduce shoplifting and break-ins.

Point of Sale Systems

Point of sale (POS) is a programmed software attached to cash registers that makes the transaction process fast and minimizes the possibility of human error (Dimon, 2013). The system is essential for the King Fashion, since the possibility of failure is minimized.

Communication Technology

The company has put in place communication technologies like phones, which enable employees to communicate easily. There are also live supports that help workers who are making their purchases online.

Financial Data

Income Statement

For the year ended 31/12/2016

Amounts in USD

General Expense List

Sales expense




Total 10,000


Admin expense


Rent- 18,000

Wages- 50,000

Total- 70,000


Operating expense

Operating 30,000

Total 30,000


Interest expense

Bank loan 10,00

Total 10,000


Total expenses



Amounts in USD

Organizational Salary Chart


Basic salary



General manager


5% of profit


Chief accountant


1% of profit




0.5% of the profit


Other employee


0.5% of the profit


Amounts in USD

Social Responsibilities

Social responsibility means that the organization behaves in an ethical manner and is sensitive toward economic, cultural, environmental and social issues (Sacconi, Antoni, & Frey, 2011). Striving for social responsibility has helped the King Fashion Company to have a positive impact on society, employees and the environment.

Community Pledge

The King Fashion Company pledges to be a positive agent in the community. The company avoids activities that can make members of the society feel disrespected, manipulated, and unsafe. The firm is also dedicated to participating in some community events so as to demonstrate good rapport and to award the community members for their loyalty. The King Fashion Company is available to help the community if the need occurs and works in hand with people to ensure maintenance of business ethics.

Environment Pledge

The King Fashion Company pledges to help the environment and protect it from pollution. The firm has achieved this by offering environment-friendly packing bags and being actively involved in environmental conservation. The company pledges to follow the rules put in place by the government regarding the environment and to attend ecological events.

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Employee Pledge

The success of the employees determines the success of the company. The workers of the King Fashion Company have pledged to be loyal to the firm and to be available when needed. The employees have also promised to be good ambassadors of the company by marketing it and serving the customers well. In return, the firm has pledged to be useful to its personnel by considering their views before making a decision and giving them bonuses when they achieve business objectives. The company has also promised to create a better business environment for its employees.

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