Marketing Plan: Start-up Outreach

The Art Pleasure restaurant should develop a good advertising and promotion plan to inform customers and attract them, as well as build customer loyalty. The plan will be developed for 60 days before the opening and 60 days after it.

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To make advertising and promotion efficient, I will use some advices on restaurant marketing. Before the opening, it is necessary to start advertising campaign for about 60 days ahead. The potential customers should be informed about the restaurant, its location, cuisine and atmosphere. It is necessary to study current trends in restaurant marketing and promotion to develop effective ads. It is also important to study current trends in art to know what art pieces and artists to represent in the restaurant. If the customers do not like art, they will not visit the restaurant.

Before the opening, I will open a website. It will have interesting design and be functional. It will contain all necessary information about the restaurant. It is also necessary to focus on social media presence. Communities in social media will be advertised for people from our city. The site and communities will contain information about the restaurant and the opening day. The users will be able to ask questions and receive answers.

Advertising will occur through the Internet (mostly local websites), local TV, radio, and street advertising. For 60 days before the opening, it is important to create an advertising campaign that attracts customers. Public relations are important, too. For instance, I can give an interview to a local newspaper and tell about my new startup.

In the day of opening, it is important to organize a special and memorable event that customers will admire and that will encourage them to visit Art Pleasure restaurant again. For this event, the most interesting artists and musicians will be invited to entertain the customers. In the day of opening, the restaurant will offer very special dishes for low prices. Customers will also be able to participate in interesting quizzes and competitions and get prizes.

For 60 days after the opening, it is important to hold a promotion plan that will attract more customers and maintain a good image of my restaurant. It is necessary to develop a customer loyalty program. For instance, customers who visit Art Pleasure restaurant regularly will receive special discount cards or gifts. Gifts may include discounts for food in the restaurant or for tickets to art museums. I will continue to advertise on local TV channels, radio and Internet. Social media communities and websites will inform regularly about new dishes, promotions, events, and artists, whose works will be displayed on the particular date.

In order not only to maintain popularity but also to increase it, it is important to study current trends in food tastes and services. If the customers do not like particular dishes and want something that is not offered yet, the situation should be changed quickly in order to satisfy customers’ needs. During 60 days after the opening, it would be useful to hold one or two special events. For instance, they can represent other interesting artists and musicians and their works, as well as provide customers with the ability to try new dishes. Regular events and promotions can help to create a positive image of Art Pleasure restaurant and build customer loyalty. If the customers see that their tastes are taken into consideration, they are likely to become loyal.


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