Communication is one of the most crucial aspects towards the success of any organization. In the business perspective, communication entails promotion of a product, service as well as relaying information within the organization. In an ideal situation, communication in business covers broad subjects such as establishment of proper customer service and relations, brand management, community engagement among other aspects. For profitability, a company must be able to explain to the clients the company’s mission and vision. This can be done only through the effective communication technics. Additionally, effective communication in business fosters a better working relationship between management and other employees which is essential in improving efficiency and morale.

With evidence pointing towards effective communication in business as the greatest success orientation in an organization, current employers are keen on establishing effective communication mechanisms in their organizations, thereby, employing only those with effective communication skills. Based on this perspective, this paper addresses the different aspects of communication in Apple’s performance and implications.

Apple is a multinational company based in California, United States of America that specializes in the design, development, and sale of different types of consumer products, most especially personal computers and the related software. Going by the current statistics, Apple is considered the second largest company, after Samsung, in the whole world specializing in information technology. Despite the experiencing a setback resulting from the death of its founder Steve Jobs, the company has remained steady in its operations. Apple has remained a crucial player in the communication industry rated to be the third after Samsung and Nokia as a mobile phone maker. This has enabled it establish attain the status of world’s most valuable brands, taking over from the initial leader in the market, Coca-Cola.

One significant factor contributing towards the continued success of Apple has been identified to be effective communication tactics, both to the customers and to the working environments. It is in the interest of every company to fully utilize the available resources in enhancing its performance and fulfilling the desires of the clients. This has been the driving force towards the success of Apple. In the current society, numerous changes have been experienced contributed to advancement in technology. Apple understands and appreciates the importance of diversity in enhancing its performance, and over time has been able to develop products that meet the diverse customer base. These include the new smart phones that align with the technological trends. It’s a significantly important aspect for a company to understand the needs of its consumer base and orient its performance towards fulfilling their needs. Ideally, this is the direction that Apple has taken, contributing towards its continued success in the industry.

Currently, climate change has become a great threat to our environment and the technological sector is considered to be one of the greatest contributors towards climate change. This is an aspect that has a direct effect on the society as it interferes with the environment. E-waste disposal is one of the greatest challenges facing many industries today and affecting their performances significantly. Such a challenge requires the input of all individuals within the company for the development of full and effective implementation strategy. This is a perspective that requires effective communication among all the employees and the society.

Apple’s top management team is responsible for offering the appropriate leadership to all the other employees of Apple in addressing the society’s environmental concerns. Sustaining a friendly environment for the society by Apple involves the contributions of various departments and individuals. In Apple, the departments that contribute immensely towards the establishment of a clean environment for the society include environmental engineering, product development, operations, facilities and supplier responsibility. The whole process starts with the management team, the major decision-making organ in the company. The organ has to come with various considerations aligned towards ensuring that the environment is safe and friendly for all the users of its products and the society altogether.


In an urge to come up with environmentally friendly products, has developed its strategy in facility development as well as in the process of product development. Apple is also the first of all the numerous electronic manufacturing and production companies to come up with a strategic plan on how to tame greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions are the greatest contributing factor to the climate change through global warming results from product life cycle. It is the crucial aspect for consideration in the development of appropriate strategies for providing a friendly environment for the society. First, Apple has come up with a decision of providing their consumers with all the details attributing to their products and the most appropriate mechanisms through which they could dispose the products after their use. It is not an easy task to achieve such a goal and, therefore, Apple has to use the most effective communication skills to enable the society comprising most of its consumers, understand the importance of sustaining a safe environment.

Apple’s management team supervises all the processes involved in coming up with their products from the decision-making stage through design, product development, packaging and even supply to ensure that all aspects are well taken care of in ensuring a safe environment. The company has indeed made significant strides in safeguarding the environment. However, an area that still needs improvement is relaying information to the society which is possible through offering of training sessions.

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Providing a safe environment is crucial and of substantive benefit to all individuals, society and the stakeholders. With the production of environmentally friendly products, Apple is able to sustain a friendly environment that eliminates climate change and, therefore, improves the living standards of the members of society. With an improved life span of the potential customers, Apple is able to sustain increased sales as it is the desire of all individuals to work with products with minimized effects on their health and the environment. This would ensure the increased profitability for the company which has a positive impact on the world as a part of its performances. Additionally, it is the desire of every stakeholder to witness a company progress as through that the stakeholders are able to rip better benefits from the profits obtained by increased sale of products by Apple Company.

To another perspective, provision of environmentally friendly products reduces the level of environmental degradation contributed by elements such as carbon emissions which have contributed towards global warming and climate change. To reduce environmental degradation, Apple has established the development of green energy which has substantively reduced carbon emissions from the productions. From the promises Apple has made on this aspect, it has to deliver to areas with its highest customer base and expanding to its competitors’ strongholds through the ability to produce environmentally friendly products. Considering that Apple is the first company to initiate environmentally conservation program from recycling of e-wastes from electronic products they produce, they have also acquired other customers from their competitors and hence become more profitable.

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From all these aspects, it is evident that there has been a positive impact which is achievable only through the effective communication both for the internal environment and for the external environment. In every aspect of business, effective communication is very essential especially when the society is involved. Ideally, this aspect has established the most appropriate relationship between the society and the company.

The fundamental basis of any organization’s success lies with the manner in which it relates to its customers and the society. These are the key players towards realizing the success of a company and, therefore, it is essential that the relationship between the two is at its best standards at all times. Apple as a company has made significant strides towards establishing proper relations with the society. For numerous companies, safety of the society has been given a second priority after their profits.

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By the establishment of green energy production, Apple has ideally set strides in establishing a positive impact to the society. Green energy is directly proportional for the benefit of both Apple Company and the society. It is evident that with this particular approach to production both the company and the society are set to benefit. This provides a balance between the two entities. As Apple products are environmentally friendly for the users, it is significant that more and more customers will be attracted to such products. From the above perspectives, it is substantively evident that Apple’s performance towards the society is of substantively positive towards ensuring that the society benefits from its productions without having any effects associated with the products. This is a perfect balance in that the company benefits by increasing its profits while at the same time maintaining a friendly environment by establishing the production of green energy efficient products.

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