What Is Business Excellence?

In an economic environment, competitors bring out new products, customers demand lower prices and faster turnaround times. In order to address this sort of problems, managers apply various business models. Thus, with the aim of achieving a competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly concentrating on the management and efficiency of the business processes. In order to reach these goals, businesses are implementing strategies such as the use of various instruments and approaches. EFQM excellence model is one of such instruments. The EFQM excellence model is a concrete tool, which leads organizations to success by determining where they are on the way to excellence as well as helping them recognize the obstacles, and then stimulating solutions.

The essential concepts of excellence comprise “constant adding value for customers by realizing their needs; creating a sustainable future; developing organizational capability; harassing creativity and innovation; leading with vision, inspiration and integrity” and others.

Dubai Airports manages the work and development of Dubai’s airports – Dubai International and Dubai World Central. The fact that, Dubai Airports offer a world-class service for customers by delivering safe and secure airports, equal opportunities for people with disabilities as well as ensuring that all the processes and products have the lowest adverse ecological impact, illustrates that the organization successfully applies the EFQM excellence model. The main benefits of the model for Dubai Airports are satisfied; consequently, there are many loyal customers and excellent results, together with good financial performance. “The idea of asking customers to set customer satisfaction goals is a clear sign of an outward-looking company”. Whereas, the key difficulties to applying the EFQM model are the organization’s attempt “to change the course of aviation history, and to achieve our vision to be The World’s Leading Airport Company”, and its commitment to running the business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

It is obvious that the implementation of the EFQM model offers many benefits for information units of Dubai Airports. The model enables managers to see the strong areas as well as areas that require development. It also allows executives to determine how much progress needs to be made in the area of quality management, which is crucial for developing strategies and plans for improvement. “No matter how much improvement a company makes, its competitors will continue to improve and its customers expect more from it”. Therefore, Dubai Airports’ ambition is to become a leader in airport management.

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