Amazon and the Evolution of E-Business

Based on the documentary, the company has managed to attract many people from all parts of the world. Most of the people can currently use the Internet irrespective of their gender, age, religion and geographical location. People prefer purchasing online books from Amazon because of its image. Amazon is one of the oldest online warehouses that most people rely on when they need e-books. The company has not contributed to the loss of any human values in their business model because they sell books depending on demand and supply rule. The business model that Amazon uses is legal. Like any other business model, Amazon only sells books to the people who need them, provided they have the book in their store. In this case, there is no question of loss of human values. People only buy books that they need to use for a particular price. The books are supplied by different producers who have a legal entity to produce the books. Viewers can praise the company because of the patience it has had from the beginning. The investors had a vision of using the Internet to reach potential customers from all parts of the universe. They invested their time and money so that people could purchase books without visiting the physical bookshops. On the same note, Amazon utilised different promotion strategies in order to reach many people. The company was ready to risk lots of money with hopes that they would attract customers. In the long run, the company gained fame, and customers from all parts of the world started demanding books. The demand increased, and the company had to request for more books from the suppliers. This shows the importance of patience, determination, and hard work in business.

Purchasing books online is important, considering the advancement in technology that has made the world a global village. In fact, people can easily purchase books from authors all over the world without travelling to those countries. However, physical bookshops remain important and relevant because not all people have access to the Internet. Some parts of the world are yet to be digitalized. On the same note, some people cannot access the Internet because of poor internet services in their locations. In addition, not all people who have access to the Internet can manage to buy books online, considering the complicated modes of purchasing products online. In case physical bookshops are lost, part of the business will be lost. There are many physical bookshops in all parts of the world. Closing them down because of online bookshops such as Amazon will deny the entrepreneurs in the physical bookshops a chance to continue with their job. Hence, some part of the business will be lost.

I do not believe there would be any opportunities for the company to become eventually more ‘weightless’ in the future because as days go by, the world modernizes and becomes even more advanced in technology. People will gain access to the internet and as a result, they will increase their interest in the online purchasing of books from the Amazon. This excessive pressure from the people worldwide will lead to an increase in demand and supply of the books from the Amazon. In fact, this will lead to an increase in the size of the Amazon warehouse in the future. In addition, it will become even more ‘weight full’ and its size will be bigger than it is now.

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