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The Role of Communication in Business Processes

Communication is one of the most crucial aspects towards the success of any organization. In the business perspective, communication entails promotion of a product, service as well as relaying...


National Trade and Investment Policies

There are several main objectives that the chapter was to achieve. It was made to give its reader some knowledge about trade and investment policies that have always been one of the most interesting parts of domestic policies...


Finance and Accounting in Business

The main task of modern business administration is to manage the company in a successful way using new and creative approaches. Some of them are regarded to be extremely interesting and challenging to investigate.


Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies

Founded in 1994, Amazon Inc. is an online book retailer with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It operates in two business segments, which are North American and...


Lenovo: A Chinese Dragon in a Global Village

A Chinese Dragon in a Global Village Lenovo is one of the worlds largest producers of personal computers.The history of the Lenovo Company started in 1984 when a group of scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences created New Technology Developer Incorporated.


Ideas For Memorable Grand Opening

Opening a new store in the retail market industry is a challenging task considering that there are other established outlets offering the same products. This means that competition is fierce, because you have to convince customers to buy from your store. Nevertheless, you can still make the grand opening event of your store a unique milestone and lure some customers away from your competitors.


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