The TPOK Jazz Сoncert

I attended the TPOK Jazz concert at the New Memorial Theatre Hall in Downtown. It was held on the 18thFebruary 2013. This is one of the most memorable moments I cannot forget in my life. It is very important to mention that the concert was well-organized and presented in an appealing manner to all the present fans, including me. The numerous publicities done for the concert meant that it was well organized prior to its actual occurrence. Therefore, everything seemed arranged so well in order to give all the patrons an ample opportunity to enjoy themselves.

TPOK Jazz concert was presented in this big hall fully equipped with brilliantly beautiful laser lights in line with the kind of music being played. There were total of eight artists. However, just like any other live concert I have attended in the past, I observed that each of them was dealing with a special area. There were vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers. They professionally performed their roles with the prowess. Meaning they must be experts who had done a lot of rehearsal prior to this performance. This really thrilled me most with all other fans celebrating throughout the night.

The TPOK Jazz crew used a variety of instruments, including piano, trumpet, guitar, saxophone and banjo. Each of these was well-coordinated and made the songs played be quiet rhythmic and interesting throughout the whole concert. The sounds came out so clearly and it was very easy for anyone to be acquainted with the message being delivered in each of the songs. There was a free flow of tones in the songs played. These would interchangeably and rhythmically transit from high to low tones. Each of the instrumentalists was competent in doing their bit. For instance, the vocals were tactical in the use of microphone. This helped to produce a clear and audible sound projections in line with the instruments played. More importantly, the soloist was very audible and projected his voice so loudly. Even after being joined by the other vocalists, the sounds still emerge audibly thus enabling the message of the song to be made out by all the people.


Besides, the musicians were so presentable and rhythmically moved on the stage that they nearly thrilled the audience. They were dressed in a unique uniform that identified their band. This was a very well-designed fashion that conspicuously produced flamboyant colors in the beautiful laser beams in the theatre hall. This appealed to the audience which was thrilled by the presentation. The songs presented were familiar both to me and the other fans that were present in the hall. This explains why I could often join them in singing and completing sections of the song which needed everyone to contribute. Both the artists and the audience were familiar because I could notice the audience being engaged in singing part of the songs played. This made the concert be so lively throughout the period. The kind of songs presented were familiar ones mostly popular with the youth like myself. Of course, these were the majority of the people who filled this hall to its capacity.

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Surely, TPOK Jazz is a must watch concert for any youth willing to entertain himself. It has got all the artists and accompaniments which will always provide them with captivating rhythms, lyrics and tomes required to change them mood. Besides, it is one of the most organized jazz bands which are fully ready to satisfy their youthful fans. Therefore, I would like to recommend it to anyone because it will always make their days and leave them yearning for more.

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