Artists in the late 20th century increasingly dealt with complexity of how social systems construct and define identity. This type of art was especially promoted by French artist Nicolas Bourriaud. This kind of art takes the subject

2003 Thanksgiving by John Currin

This is a painting by John Currin that depicts a realistic quality. He uses Chiaroscuro to offer great contrast especially being able to clearly see the whitest parts within the painting. Currin is often said to be a sexist and this has been evidenced by what he portrays of the women in his painting.

In the thanksgiving, all the women are shown to be thin and almost anorexic like. The women being fed has a somewhat elongated neck while the proportions of the woman sitted also seem to be distorted. Currin seems has based his painting partly on the motive Vermeer that is used in the canvas. The composition here is shown in a corner of the room with Currin capturing a moment in time. A family is gathered around a morbid during a thanksgiving feast. The photos are based in a corner of the room whereby light is shown cast on the primary focal point of the picture. Currin is able to capture a highly realistic with cloth folds, shadows cast by light as well as by a true pallet of colors that contain the images in a rich way.  


In Thanksgiving, currin uses all of art history to the leniency of a ‘post modern culture’ and produce a photo fully new of our age. The figures of the three women are shown as neatly and cleverly misshapen. With long necks, too large heads and these are figures that could exist in reality. 

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