gone girl

The modern mass media and art try to impress the viewer in order to discover new themes and subjects. For example, the movie Gone Girl by David Fincher offers many unexpected twists and shocking moments that have challenged my expectations. At first glance, the film is a psychological thriller, but in reality, it is a powerful feminist reflection on the role of a woman in the modern society, where she transforms from a passive to an active subject.

The film starts by depicting the every-day life of one perfect couple. From the first scene, it seems that something is not going well in the family, but Fincher perfectly masks all the hints. Obviously, soft and intelligent Amy becomes hostage to her husband Nick, who is suspected of her disappearance. All the evidence indicates that he killed his wife. I was surprised by the manner in which the director depicted the everyday life and then abruptly broke it. From the middle of the film, it becomes evident that Amy is not the girl she seems to be, and Nick is the real victim. Moreover, I was shocked how perfectly she devised all her life, using people as puppets.

David Fincher challenges the patriarchal scheme, thus promoting feminism. However, in my opinion, Fincher slightly exaggerated the ideas expressed in the movie. Such depiction of concepts diverges from my experience, and Amy’s behavior seems not adequate to me. However, maybe the fact that I was surprised affected my experience, and that is why I found some of the ideas strange. After the movie, I started redefining my values ??and beliefs, especially the ones related to the role of women and men in the modern society. In my opinion, great art needs to challenge our expectations, thus providing people with information for meditation and creating the conditions for catharsis and new esthetical experience. Gone Girl is a perfect example of a case when art both changes expectation and creates a powerful intellectual basis for reflection.


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