Art - essays

The Art of Music

Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” is one of the most influential songs in the feminist movement. The original version was performed by Otis Redding. The Franklin’s version moved to number one in both the R&B and pop charts.


Is Nursing an Art or a Science?

It is hard to connect such at first sight different aspects of life as nursing and art. Medical practices became more complicated in the modern world.


Gone Girl by David Fincher

The modern mass media and art try to impress the viewer in order to discover new themes and subjects. For example, the movie


“Mozart” Effect

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791), Austrian composer, is famous all over the world. A distinctive feature of Mozart is a wonderful combination of strong and clear shapes with...


Gothic Painting in Italy

Creative work of Florentine painter Giotto opens a new page in the history of Italian art. Before the advent of his paintings, the Italian artists firmly embraced the canons...


Musical Theatre

Dance is a critical part of entertainment and normally used as a catalyst for innovation in musical theatre. In addition, it makes the entertainment very appealing to the audience...


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