Art - essays

Museum Visit in New York

In the course of last week, I had the rare opportunity to visit the largest art museum in the United States, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I was in awe of the many unique...


Art Therapy for Children

Art therapy is the psychological application of creative art processes and art media to foster self-expression, strengthen self-esteem, and create coping skills . Art therapy, also known as...


"The Flagellation of Christ" and "The Toreador Fresco"

The materials, tools, and processes used in the creation of any work of art are of tremendous importance. These elements are as significant as the plot or the image depicted at the painting.


Jazz Music

After the end of the First and the Second World War, the African-American community applied a number of changes. Initially, the community was based in the Southern part of America where they established agriculture...


Piano Compositions of the Romantic Era

The Romantic Era was rich in talented and creative people, who gave us remarkable examples of art. Their names have already become eternal. Their masterpieces still impress new...


Rock Music


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