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Is Nursing an Art or a Science?

It is hard to connect such at first sight different aspects of life as nursing and art. Medical practices became more complicated in the modern world.


“Mozart” Effect

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791), Austrian composer, is famous all over the world. A distinctive feature of Mozart is a wonderful combination of strong and clear shapes with...


Museum of Fine Arts in Houston

My visit to museum impressed me as only true Art may impress a person. It was the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. The aura was mysteriously peaceful and every picture seemed to be exquisitely faceted with...


Byrne and Bohlman's Analysis of Popular Music

Popular music refers to a musical genre that has a wide appeal. The distributors of this type of music target a large audience. The audience of popular music amounts to millions of people. In his analysis...


Music Industry Essay

Cultures of different nations are interwoven and so are different styles of music. People who have a good understanding of music often notice similar tune or beat in different songs. Each style of music...


Womanliness as a Maquerade

Women were depicted in all ages starting from pre-historical till nowadays. However, different artists perceived femininity from various perspectives. The ideal image of women’s beauty depended on the epoch and personal taste of the author.


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