Art - essays

Squatting Through Violence

According to Simon Leung, there is a connection between the body, techniques and technology (Leung 2011: 121). He illust...


The Enlightenment

Enlightenment refers to the intellectual and social phenomenon accured in Western Europe during the eighteenth century....


Live Concert Report

I attended the TPOK Jazz concert at the New Memorial Theatre Hall in Downtown. It was held on the 18thFebruary 2013. Thi...


John Lennon and Music

John Lennon is one of the most influential musicians had ever been known. Lennon, being an idol for thousands of teenage...


Japanese Music

It is known that Japanese culture in general expresses sad tones more than joyful ones. Japanese society is characterized by predictability, strictness and limited improvisation and is programmed


Blurred Lines

In the age of sophisticated music, extraordinary, unexpected rhythms, and sound combinations, it becomes hard to amaze the audience. Thus, the artist needs more means to gain the public recognition.


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