Art - essays

Women of Japanese Art

The culture of Japan comes into a more understood focus in the first centuries. Japan profoundly got its transformation during the first years of the Asuka period, ranging from 552 till 646 C.E.


Blurred Lines

In the age of sophisticated music, extraordinary, unexpected rhythms, and sound combinations, it becomes hard to amaze the audience. Thus, the artist needs more means to gain the public recognition.


Is Nursing an Art or a Science?

It is hard to connect such at first sight different aspects of life as nursing and art. Medical practices became more complicated in the modern world.


Museum of Fine Arts in Houston

My visit to museum impressed me as only true Art may impress a person. It was the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. The aura was mysteriously peaceful and every picture seemed to be exquisitely faceted with...


Womanliness as a Maquerade

Women were depicted in all ages starting from pre-historical till nowadays. However, different artists perceived femininity from various perspectives. The ideal image of women’s beauty depended on the epoch and personal taste of the author.


Compare Likeness and Differences of Russian Folklorist and Primitivism

The culture is a many-sided phenomenon with different ways of being expressed. Art, in turn, is its most powerful and influential feature that reflects various sides of life and gives special meaning to each of them.


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