Art - essays

Neo-Classical and Romantic Art

Neo-Classicism is the aesthetic and artistic style that prevailed in European art from the late 18th century till the ea...


Egyptian Art and Culture

Introduction When, where and why has an art appeared? It is impossible to give an accurate and simple answer. It did not...


Women of Japanese Art

The culture of Japan comes into a more understood focus in the first centuries. Japan profoundly got its transformation during the first years of the Asuka period, ranging from 552 till 646 C.E.


Squatting Through Violence According to Macel Mauss

According to Simon, there are two main divisions of human beings namely those known to squat as well as those know to sit (Leung 2011: 121). Those who squat are said to be uncivilized while those who sit are said to be civilized group.


Japanese Music

It is known that Japanese culture in general expresses sad tones more than joyful ones. Japanese society is characterized by predictability, strictness and limited improvisation and is programmed


Blurred Lines

In the age of sophisticated music, extraordinary, unexpected rhythms, and sound combinations, it becomes hard to amaze the audience. Thus, the artist needs more means to gain the public recognition.


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