Art - essays

Neo-Classical and Romantic Art

Neo-Classicism is the aesthetic and artistic style that prevailed in European art from the late 18th century till the ea...


Egyptian Art

Introduction When, where and why has an art appeared? It is impossible to give an accurate and simple answer. It did not...


John Currin's Thanksgiving

Artists in the late 20th century increasingly dealt with complexity of how social systems construct and define identity....


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The image 04_011 given in the OSU Media Manager site depicts a simple and elegant terracotta stirrup jar (see fig. 1 and...


Women of Japanese Art

Introduction The culture of Japan comes into a more understood focus in the first centuries. Japan profoundly got its tr...


Ads of Archeology

Background The College is one of the leading centers of archeological studies. It is one of the few universities that ha...


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