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An Expert System and a Conventional Business Intelligence System

Not long time ago specified professionals had to take responsibility for the success of decision making processes, weigh...


Economic Crisis in Greece

Following the global economic crisis of 2008, and a period of borrowing money from banks, Greece could not...


China Ecomics Strategies

China has become the most important player in the world economy. It is considered to be the third greatest economy based...


Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization

Thousands of years passed between the invention of the wheel and the installation of the first conveyor-based automobile...


Nonverbal Communication and Cultural Differences

Nonverbal communication may be simpler compared to verbal communication, especially if the two individuals involved in communication exchanges are familiar with the various techniques utilized in nonverbal communication.


Frankenstein: a Story about Man and His Creation

While it is possible to state that all of these ideas have been disclosed in the novel, we still cannot clearly identify who was playing on the side of good and who was representing evil.


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