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Nowadays, the mode of communication between people has changed from classic dialogues to electronic exchanges of information that involve a lot of visual materials. Due to this, more and more forms of presenting information are occurring in an attempt to grab the audience’s attention and deliver the message. One of them, namely discussion board post, is vastly used in all sorts of public presentations, and is very popular in educational establishments. What is so special about it and how it should be done? Let us find out. 

Discussion Board Post: The Definition

Before dealing with discussion boards, one has to understand their purpose and structure. In general, a discussion board post is an instrument of arranging the information about a certain topic in order to present it to the audience. Then, every such post is published online and contributes to the general discussion about this topic. As a rule, the topic is related to a certain theme discussed in class, and the audience consists of course mates. An online discussion board is usually posted at Blackboard or on similar platforms. This is done with the aim of encouraging students to revisit the learnt topics and have a deeper understanding of them by discussing the details. Interaction between students of the same department or course enhances a deeper insight into the subject and a better team work. Besides, it allows to practice creative thinking and find new ways of presenting the information to the public. 

Such assignments are especially useful for online students, who never have a chance to participate in class discussions and debates. By reading the posts of such students, the professors can evaluate their knowledge of the subject and the effectiveness of their self-education. Besides, unlike the other written assignments like essays, discussion boards are less formal and more individual, which shows every student’s personal perception and point of view. 

Creating a Strong Board Post

As you can see, discussion board posts are your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and participate in group work, so it is important to prepare it with all dedication and scrutiny. In order to make a good post, you might consider using the tips below:

  • Read the professor’s requirements carefully. The rubric often contains all the needed information about the style and structure of your writing.
  • Analyze the class lectures and additional reading materials related to the discussion. You need to have a good understanding of the theme.
  • Choose one key idea and build your post around it. All the arguments and pieces of information in the post must be supporting the main idea.
  • Stick within the required word limit. Plan your writing so that it does not exceed the given number of words.
  • Step away from the standard formulations from text books. Make your post as original as possible by both the language and the visual representation.
  • Avoid giving too many details. Remember to narrow the material down to the key ideas only.
  • Encourage for discussion. This piece of writing is nothing like an essay; it is aimed at starting a discussion, so choose a topic that will engage many other students.
  • Make it informative. Pick the most curious and impressive bits of information and include them in your post, so that other students would learn something from your work.
  • Reference the sources. Just like in any academic writing, you need to be careful with the sources used: cite them in accordance with the required referencing style. 
  • Participate actively in the discussion. Responding to the posts of other students and exchanging visions and ideas is the very sense of this activity.

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