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Reaction Essay Writing: What Is It?

Reaction papers are written in a variety of manners and you should consult your professor not to make any mistakes. You have to clarify whether you should stick to a formal or informal style of writing and whether your paper should have a lot of evidence. What you have to do for sure is to guarantee that the writing sounds unbiased and objective. Try to be specific in identifying the audience for your assignment, as your presentation will depend on this factor. You will have to develop a specific tone and style of writing accordingly. You have probably worked on book reviews before, but this is an entirely different type of assignment. You are supposed to show your understanding of the film or book and your emotions. Hence, it is the task that allows using the pronouns ‘I,’ ‘we’ and ‘my’.

Structuring writing tasks also requires some experience and specific knowledge, but if you send a request, ‘Please do my reaction paper!’ to a reliable writing platform, even this concern will be addressed by the experts. Professional writers will make sure that your paper has an effectively-composed introduction, several paragraphs in the body, and a conclusion. You will see that the paper will be based on a perfectly composed outline and all the formatting features will be added following the style that you have mentioned (APA, MLA, AMA, and so on).

You will be able to share your ideas with the readers efficiently and the text evidence will be selected so that your audience was sure that you are knowledgeable about the topic. We know that all our writers have a rich imagination and they will achieve the goals set as they know the secrets of success.

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Reaction Paper Writing: How to Start the Very Process?

We recommend you asking a few common questions to yourself before you start working on your reaction paper. First of all, try to be honest in answering your feeling regarding the writer’s intention when it goes about a book review. You will have to send a message to your readers about the main aim of the author and your attitude to it.

Fancy that you are grading the piece of writing you are reviewing. Besides, look through several good samples to know how experienced writers start such papers to hook the readers. Mind the following aspects:

  • The need – Your audience will have to know why it is important for you to know about your personal need in the opinion of the chosen book/article/movie. You will have to try and create some suspense to attract more readers to your writing and maintain their attention. State how important your opinion is and indicate the effect it produces on others.
  • The context – the readers need to get some details about the background of the book or movie before you get to your personal opinion about it. It is an important aspect, as they have to be aware of certain facts to be ready to perceive the opinions after that.
  • Thesis statement – the first paragraph of your paper should comprise a thesis statement composed perfectly well. It presents not only a summary of the piece you are reviewing but also your perspective of it as contrasted to the opinions of others.
  • Book/movie details – you are supposed to introduce the movie or book to the readers who will get the information about the name of the author and the content of the book. If it goes about the movie, you will have to mention its title and refer to the main characters. It is also essential to specify the main motive of the movie or book in the introductory part of your paper.

Outline for Your Reaction Paper

There is a list of common themes for the students who have to work on a reaction assignment. Frequently, the professors use to request a movie report with the student’s critique on it as it is interesting for the students to work on an academic paper devoted to something they adore. Few students do not like movies, as they currently are the most popular entertainment resources. They constitute a source of joy and they impact the viewers with the information and emotions the audience gets.

  1. What do you have to do to get perfect content for the analysis of a chosen movie/book?
  2. Write down the key points, having watched the movie for analysis. When it goes about a book, you will have to read it several times to get an insight into all the themes from it.

Evaluate what you have watched or read to figure out what the needs of your custom reaction paper are. Reread the guidelines and instructions provided by your teacher. You probably have to focus not on the entire book but a certain section only.  The key to your success will be your caring attitude to a set of instructions from your instructor; thus, do not disregard this part. Reflect only on a definite chapter if that is required for the task; otherwise, your score will be lower as you cannot relate your writing to the specifications.

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Remember that there are two kinds of papers you can write when you have to react to a movie or book:

  • First of all, the task can simply provide personal ideas and opinions on a particular theme. The focus of the paper in this case should be on your knowledge and reflections on the chosen topic. Secondly, the task can be centred on the author’s opinion presented in the allocated resource. It means that you will have to concentrate your attention not on your perception, but on the ideas the author has. It will set definite limitations on your writing and you have to mind them.
  • Having got an insight into the asked question, you will have to pay double attention to the book or movie and choose only those details that can be referred to in your analysis. Avoid irrelevant details and keep the source somewhere nearby to consult it every time you need to get back to some idea.
  • Typically, the basis for reaction paper writing is a set of your feelings and thoughts. Do not miss any essential details! For that, we recommend annotating the text you have read. Give explanations to your personal opinion and provide all the needed illustrations with credible evidence. Do not forget to include supporting examples to make your statement stronger.

Basics of the Reaction Paper Format

The instructions to a particular reaction assignment can specify the required format of writing. There are several parts in your assignment and you have to figure out what you are supposed to write in each of them.  It is evident that the reaction paper resembles an essay in its structure, so it has to comprise an introduction, the body, and a concluding part. A citation list should also be included.

  • Introduction: – it should be an attractive part of your writing, as the readers will proceed to the following sections only if this part is engaging. Present the author of the book and the key issues highlighted. Do not try to make it lengthy, as readers should not get bored. It will be enough to write just three to four sentences. Special focus should be given to a thesis statement, which is supposed to be concise but very bright.
  • The body:  explain all the ideas you have on the topic. A topic sentence is required for each body paragraph. Back up all the opinions with the details from relevant sources. Support your statement with the optional theoretical evidence.
  • Conclusion: – you are supposed to build a link between your initial thesis statement and a summary from the body paragraphs. We recommend you mention all the key points from your summary and then give your specific reaction and clarifications as for your opinion.
  • Citation list:  it will be an enumeration of the used citations with the indication of the required sources. The readers will evaluate your paper, as credible only if the sources you have used are scholarly.

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