What Is an Article Critique?

To be able to write high-quality article critique papers, you need to understand the nature of this task. What makes it different from an article summary? What is the algorithm for writing a good-looking article critique? Well, an article critique is one of the common academic tasks that are assigned to students to check their analytical and interpretive skills. By being able to analyze the content of the scholarly article in an objective way, you will grow into a skilled researcher. As well as any other academic paper, an article critique requires applying a professional approach, consistency, and attention to detail.

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The Importance of Writing an Article Critique

The ability to think analytically is highly appreciated in various areas. In the academic setting, students are often assigned various tasks to develop their analytical skills and an article critique is one of them. This task is not the most challenging task in your academic curriculum. Nevertheless, there are some standards and conventions that should be followed precisely if you want to get a good grade for your paper.

The importance of an article critique task cannot be underestimated. First, it helps the student obtain more knowledge about the subject of an article. Also, it will help the student strengthen his or her analytical ability by assessing the arguments of other scholars. Finally, the student will polish writing proficiency, which will enable him or her to succeed with other academic assignments.

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How to Write an Article Critique?

If you want to try to write an article critique on your own, you should have a look at some efficient guidelines that will help you understand how to organize the writing process properly. Before you start working on your critique, you will need to read the guidelines provided by your tutor to make sure the task is manageable. Most probably, your teacher will provide you with a prompt that will include all the main points that should be considered when writing your paper. Then, you will need to read the article. When doing this, you will need to write down some notes that will later help you produce a good-looking critique paper. When you have finished active reading, you will need to take your notes and organize them in an outline that will help you follow the traditional structure. If you want to understand how your article critique should look like, you may ask your teacher to provide you with some well-written samples or try to find them on the web.

By studying these examples, you will be able to figure out how to develop your ideas, how to structure your paper, what instruments to use to make your critique look engaging, etc. Pay attention that although it is acceptable to use the pre-written samples for boosting your writing inspiration, you will need to submit an original paper that will show your fresh and non-standard approach. When writing your article critique, you should include appropriate textual evidence to support your arguments. Please, note that when including in-text citations, you will need to follow the formatting style indicated by your tutor. After your paper is written, you are supposed to review it carefully making sure it is free from mechanical flaws. If you want to turn in a truly flawless paper, you will need to review your paper meticulously instead of relying on automatic software.


What Are the Main Parts of an Article Critique?

As well as any other academic paper, an article critique should follow a traditional structure including an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Let us focus on these parts in detail:


By the introductory part of your essay, you will need to engage your reader by providing them with basic information about the article. If you were allowed to choose an article, you will need to explain your choice. At the end of an introduction, you will need to include the main idea of your paper, which is called a thesis statement;

Main body

In the main body of your paper, you should provide the actual critique. This part should be divided into a couple of paragraphs and each of these paragraphs should be dedicated to a single aspect of the article. When moving from one paragraph to another, you need to use smooth transitions as it will add coherency to your work. Following the conventions of article critique writing, you will need to briefly summarize the article focusing on the most important points. Then, you will need to provide the critique assessing the main arguments suggested by the author. When providing the article’s assessment, you will need to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the article’s author? Is the approach taken in the article typical for this author?
  2. What are the main objectives of the study?
  3. Are the author’s arguments accurate and clear?
  4. Are there any gaps in the author’s rationale?
  5. What were the underlying assumptions? Did they affect the work’s validity?
  6. What evidence was used by the author to prove his or her ideas? Are they relevant/clear?
  7. Do you think that the work is structured properly?
  8. What would you add/change the article?

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Pay attention that this part should not include new details as it should provide your intended audience with your overall impression about the article;


After the conclusion, you will need to include a reference list that will contain all the sources, both primary and secondary ones, that have been used in your work.

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