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The Importance of Concept Mapping

In a nutshell, a concept map is an efficient instrument that enhances the learning of different concepts, as well as the relations between them. Very often, the main concept is put at the center of the map, whereas other concepts appear around or below the main one, depending on the type of their relationship. Students often create mind maps when they need to study sophisticated academic topics since they help them figure out the hierarchy between different points. In other words, a concept map is a learning tool that helps understand the relationships between the key aspects of a specific subject. In the academic environment, a concept map is a great instrument for evaluating a student’s cognitive abilities. It also helps tutors explain complex ideas to their students.

If you need to create a good-looking map, you should be ready that this process will take a considerable amount of time and effort. You need to choose appropriate concepts for investigation, brainstorm some ideas, carry out in-depth research, as well as present your findings in a well-structured map. If you believe that your skills aren’t good enough to handle this project successfully, you can order concept map writing help at our writing service. Hard-working, experienced, and result-oriented, we will provide you with a paper of unparalleled quality.

The Key Elements of a Good Concept Map

As a rule, a concept map has a form of a diagram that includes several concepts. Below, you will find the elements that should appear on your map regardless of its type.

  • Linking words. The concepts in your map are connected with each other with the help of arrows. Besides, you may include appropriate linking words such as “influences,” “causes,” “requires,” etc.
  • Semantic units. A few concepts with a linking word form a semantic unit. They allow making the right conclusions, as well as generating new knowledge.
  • Hierarchy. Almost all the concept maps follow the hierarchy principle. According to this principle, the most significant concepts are at the top of the diagram, whereas others are below.
  • Question. A question is a reference point that explains the logic of the entire thinking process.

How to Create a Winning Concept Map?

A concept map is a representation of what you know about a specific topic. As such, it helps you analyze, organize, and present your research. Now, when you know the characteristics of a concept map, let us help you understand how to create it.

Developing a Perfect Concept Map: Main Steps

  • List the terms/ideas related to the topic.
  • Choose the main concepts.
  • Identify the relations between these concepts.

Step 1. List the terms/ideas related to the topic.

For example, let’s list the main terms for the topic “Cooperative learning.” Some of them are:

  • Roles
  • Team responsibilities
  • Individual responsibilities
  • Basic elements
  • Characteristics
  • Behaviors.

Step 2. Choose the main concepts.

  • Next, you will need to choose the most important concept that will be at the top of the diagram.

Step 3. Identify the relations between these concepts.

  • Finally, you need to figure out how different concepts are related to each other. You can do it with the help of linking words.

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