Writing a Four Paragraph Essay is Not a Challenge Anymore! 

Any student should be aware of the difference between an essay and a paragraph. A paragraph usually focuses on one idea that is stated in its topical sentence. In other words, all sentences in the paragraphs serve for supporting the key idea stated in the first sentence. An essay is a more complex concept that consists of several paragraphs united by one topic. There are many ways to structure the essay, however, a 4 paragraph essay is one of the most popular formats. So let`s find out how to write a four paragraph essay! 

Whereas the common five-paragraph essay format requires writing an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion, a 4 paragraphs essay is shorter and usually focuses on narrow topics. Although a four paragraph essay is not that popular in educational institutions, it is vitally important to know its essential features. 

Being used at all educational institutions, a four paragraph essay is a perfect tool for presenting the information in a clear and comprehensive manner. This essay paragraph format can be applied for many types of essays such as a compare and contrast essay, evaluation essay, cause and effect essay, and many others. Such an essay usually consists of an introduction, two meaningful body paragraphs, and a conclusion. All of the paragraphs should be organized in a logical order to make the writer`s ideas easy to follow.

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Here are a few tips that will help you create a wonderful four paragraph essay:

  • Start your paper with a great opening sentence. This sentence should engage your reader and involve them in your story. A rhetorical question, an appropriate joke, or an anecdote can become a hook that will catch the reader`s attention. Pay attention that a thesis statement is the main sentence in your introduction, so try to make it thought-provoking and intriguing.  
  • If you are not sure how to start the second paragraph of an essay, we recommend you to find the well-written samples available on the web and use them as sources of inspiration. Start your body paragraphs with the topic sentences related to your thesis statement and develop them providing solid evidence supporting your arguments. The length of the body paragraphs depends on the length of the whole paper. We assure you that regardless of the length of your essay, it should not include details that do not contribute to the overall essay development. Do not overburden your essay with unnecessary information and do not forget about the smooth transitions that will help you move from one argument to another.  
  • The last paragraph in your paper is a conclusion. It should not introduce new information but should summarize the points discussed previously. In your conclusion, refer to your thesis statement and explain whether you managed to reach the desired result. 
  • To get a better result, make sure to create a four paragraph essay outline and follow it point by point as it will help you organize your ideas in the right order. 
  • For instance, when you are writing a cause and effect essay, be sure to start with the introduction in which you will discuss the issue. The second paragraph should be dedicated to the analysis of the causes of this particular issue. The third paragraph should focus on the potential consequences of the issue. Are they positive or negative? Finally, summarize your arguments in a concluding paragraph. 

Of course, writing a four paragraph essay is not an easy thing to do but practice makes perfect. Although, it may be somehow similar to the usual college essay so it should not become a great challenge for you. Remember that every written essay significantly improves your writing skills and makes you closer to academic success!