The Best Business Report Topics for Students

A Business Report is a document that describes the work of the company; there are many business report topics, such as the analysis of the past facts, the analysis of the taken actions, the analysis of profitability and losses, reflections about the quality of the product and its place in the market, etc. Business reports are usually compiled every quarter or individually for a certain period. A business report is the specific information of a particular firm. That is the analysis of the parameters of interest. Without this information, you cannot specifically assess and understand business in its true worth. One of the main indicators in the business report is the analysis of the financial side of the enterprise. The financial report will show you how much your business is profitable. The financial report should be studied very attentively. You need to understand the essence of financial reports writing. In order to learn how to create it, you need to view at least one report of different enterprises per day, and consult an accountant and a lawyer, which will allow you to see all weak and strong sides of the business.

Formal Business Report Topics

Here is a list of formal business report topics, which are relevant today. They reveal the most important topics of modern economic science and social life.

  • Imagine that you are a business analyst in a well-known company that produces clothing. The company's management is looking for the ways to expand production. In this case, one of the best options is to open production facilities in developing countries. Thus, theoretically, the company will benefit, and thousands of people in these countries will get jobs. The essence of your report is to investigate possible threats and business prospects.
  • Your company works in the field of providing Internet access services. You have to write a report that will show how relevant it will be to advertise your services and whether it will promote your business.
  • You are a banker in a large US bank. The management has decided to establish cooperation with Chinese partners. You should investigate the situation in the banking sector of this country and analyze all the advantages and threats of the proposed cooperation.
  • Your company is trying to introduce a computerized workflow management process. You are an IT analyst. Your task is to draw up a plan of this process and provide means of information security.

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Business Analytical Report Topics

Learn these examples of business analytical report topics that will be useful for you when writing a paper on economics.

  1. Today there is a hypothesis that personal computers will lose their relevance soon since smartphones and other more compact gadgets can already perform many of their functions. Imagine that you work for a company that produces PCs. You are an analyst and your task is to develop a strategy that will help the manufacturer stay on the digital market.
  2. Many companies want to be as democratic as possible in relation to their employees and create a favorable climate within the team. They are trying to implement a collective decision-making system when the opinion of each employee is taken into account. You need to analyze the hypothetical difficulties that can arise when introducing such a system and find ways to avoid them.
  3. The management wants to change the company logo. You should analyze all variants of the emblems and choose the most relevant and suitable for the requirements of modern business one. In addition, you need to analyze all financial investments necessary for this process.
  4. The wellness area is quite common in the Asian countries. Imagine that you and your partners are planning to open a spa in one of the countries in this region. You need to write a report detailing the situation in the wellness services market, as well as all possible risks and threats.
  5. You are a human resources manager in a small company. Its main problem is the constant staff turnover. You need to analyze the current situation and identify the main mistakes in the work with the staff. Based on these studies, you have to make a plan to increase employee motivation and ensure better working conditions.

A business report writing is quite a difficult task, but the ability to create it is necessary for all economists, marketers, and people who want to engage in business. Writing such a paper will help you develop your leadership and analytical skills. Remember that you may rely on our professional writers and order a well-written business report from our service for a reasonable price.