Best Capstone Project Ideas

It is necessary to find good capstone project ideas to create a successful paper. The value of the capstone project is that in the process of its implementation the student not only consolidates but also deepens the theoretical and practical knowledge. Writing a paper is not only a test of a student’s preparation for independent work but also an important form of developing independent research skills.

The capstone project allows students to take the initiative in choosing the widest range of additional information on the theme being studied (in addition to the texts of lectures and textbooks. Find here your perfect topic about technology for a research paper.

Senior Capstone Project Ideas

These senior capstone project ideas can help you write a good essay. The choice of the topic cannot be accidental. From the very beginning, the student should be guided in the essence of a particular theme, have an idea of the materials that he or she can have when performing work. In most cases, it requires consultation with the professor. When choosing a subject, the learner’s scientific and practical interest should be considered. A student can choose research projects topics that were learned during the classes. However, when choosing a topic, it is necessary to have an approximate idea of the nature of a particular problem and to know which issues should be highlighted in the work. Here is a list of the most relevant topics for capstone projects in computer science, information technology, family nurse practice, psychology and other subjects.

IT Capstone Project Ideas

Here is the list of the best IT capstone project ideas for you:

  1. Areas of application of artificial intelligence.
  2. Fields of application of new information technologies.
  3. Object models of programming languages.
  4. Foundations and history of the object-oriented approach to programming.
  5. Fundamentals of simulation technology.
  6. Application packages for accounting.
  7. Perspectives of distributed information management.
  8. Examples of solving typical problems of computer production management.
  9. Cybersecurity and programming.
  10. The future of computer engineering (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering).


  1. Methods for the prevention of nosocomial infection in medical organizations.
  2. Modern aspects of medical waste disposal.
  3. Infectious safety of nursing staff.
  4. Sanitary-educational work and its role in the professional activities of the nurse.
  5. Safe hospital environment in the professional activities of the nurse.
  6. Catering in a medical institution.


  1. Synthesis and conformational analysis of carbamoyl and thiocarbamoyl resorcinarenes.
  2. Esterified cyclodextrins and inclusion compounds based on them.
  3. Aminomethylation of dihydroquercetin with primary and secondary amines. Synthesis and conformational analysis of carbamoyl and thiocarbamoyl resorcinarenes.
  4. Esterified cyclodextrins and inclusion compounds based on them.
  5. Aminomethylation of dihydroquercetin in the presence of primary and secondary amines
  6. Inclusions of compounds based on beta-cyclodextrin and paracetamol. Acylation of dihydroquercetin with symmetric carboxylic anhydrides.


  1. Features of photosynthesis of algae. A variety of types of thalli, plastids, pigment systems, and distribution in the water column.
  2. Early evolution of land plants, its directions, basic anatomical, morphological and biochemical transformations.
  3. The output of autotrophic organisms on land, the main anatomical, morphological and biochemical transformations.
  4. Plants parasites: diversity, the main directions of evolution and structural changes in connection with the transition to strangers.
  5. Semi-parasitic plants: diversity, main directions of evolution and structural transformations in connection with the transition to the alien origin.
  6. Educational herbarium, its goals, and objectives of creation, the choice of plants, application in the educational process.


  1. The subject, objects, goals, and concepts of financial accounting.
  2. Organizational and legal features of enterprises and their impact on the delivery of financial accounting in business entities.
  3. The subject, objects, goals, and concepts of accounting.
  4. The influence of the choice of the accounting policy of the enterprise on the results of its business activities.
  5. Characteristics of the accounting policy of the enterprise.
  6. The main content and procedure for keeping records of financial transactions and values that do not belong to the enterprise.
  7. Financial accounting in the information system for managing the economy of an enterprise.
  8. Financial accounting as a system of reflection of cash flow in the process of the entrepreneurial activity.
  9. General provisions on the monetary system, cash and non-cash payments.


Here is the list of the best business capstone topics:

  1. Principles and methods of personnel management.
  2. Formation of the personnel management system of the organization.
  3. Personnel policy of the organization.
  4. The selection and recruitment of personnel in the organization.
  5. Adaptation of the employee in the organization.
  6. Training staff in the organization.
  7. Planning a career as an employee.
  8. Evaluation of staff of the organization.
  9. The motivation of staff in the organization.
  10. Criteria for selection and promotion of workers.


  1. History of management as an activity.
  2. The development of views on the organization and modern organization theories.
  3. Organization's business environment (as a factor of strategic development), methods of analysis, evaluation, diagnosis, and synthesis.
  4. Modern competence of management.
  5. Strategic management and entrepreneurship.
  6. Problems of management of functional areas of the organization (HR, marketing, manufacturing, finance, etc.).
  7. Family business management.
  8. Management of the formation and development of the innovative business.
  9. Management of changes in the organization.


  1. Ways and means of educating the artistic culture of senior students in sociocultural institutions.
  2. Ways of formation of a positive microclimate in high school.
  3. Methods of pedagogical guidance.
  4. Ways and means of self-government organization in the educational team.

Marketing Project Ideas for College Students

Below you may find the ideas on how to write a good marketing project. Remember that you may always order marketing plan from our reliable company if you need help with it.

  1. The study of the environmental marketing of the enterprise.
  2. Marketing research tools competition.
  3. Preparation of the market review.
  4. The content of the business plan and the role of marketing in its development.
  5. Development of a marketing research program for solving specific company problems.
  6. The choice of methods for conducting marketing research.
  7. The concept, characteristics, and structure of the consumer market, its influence on the marketing strategy of the company.
  8. Selection of the target market segment.
  9. The main criteria and strategies for segmentation.

Knowing these topics, you can find a perfect theme for your study. Explore something new or develop a new solution to a well-known scientific problem. A good capstone project will help you get high grades and become a successful student.