How to Develop Good Marketing Plan Strategy

A marketing strategy refers to the specific part of a marketing plan, which offers details on the ways how marketing variables of the product, price, place, and promotion are used to attain the set goals and objectives.

Tips on Writing a Review Article

If you still have no answer to the question what a review article is, you are on the wrong way. Understanding the task is a key to its successful completing.

Article Critique: How to Critique Articles

Many students are wondering how to write an article critique. In fact, if the teacher provides with nothing but some general information with no additional explanations, students get lost at what to start with and end up.

Blog Post vs. Article

Whether you are an experienced blogger or a newbie who’s trying to make your first attempts at blogging, you must have faced the dilemma of blog post vs. article.

The Best Business Report Topics for Students

Business reports are usually compiled every quarter or individually for a certain period. A business report is the specific information of a particular firm. That is the analysis of the parameters of interest.

How to Critique a Film: Helpful Tips

How to critique a film correctly? A critical analysis of the film belongs to the genre of journalism and literary criticism. The difference between such a genre and other journalistic genres lies primarily in the fact that the subject of the review is not the immediate facts of the reality, but informational phenomena, such as films and television series.

Best Capstone Project Ideas

The capstone project allows students to take the initiative in choosing the widest range of additional information on the theme being studied (in addition to the texts of lectures and textbooks. Find here your perfect topic about technology for a research paper.

Writing a Four Paragraph Essay is Not a Challenge Anymore! 

Any student should be aware of the difference between an essay and a paragraph. A paragraph usually focuses on one idea that is stated in its topical sentence. In other words, all sentences...