What Is an Application/Admission Essay?

No matter what college or university you apply to, writing an admission paper is a must. Indeed, such an essay is one of the key guarantees that your application will be accepted and you will become a student of the desired educational institution. The admission essay is a great opportunity to make a good impression on the application committee because it is the first thing the admission officers look at. As such, you can see that application paper writing is a demanding and very important process that should not be ignored. 

An admission/application essay (often called a personal statement) is a rather short paper written by the applicant expressing the desire to become a student of a certain educational institution. Being a common part of the admission process, this essay should explain to the admission committee why this particular student should be accepted. Such a document can be compared to a job resume in which the applicant wants to present his/her personality from the best angle pointing out the key strengths and experiences. 

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Application paper writing involves several steps and to cope with this assignment well, you need to know a few important secrets.

First and foremost, you need to understand that an introduction is the most important part of your application paper. Therefore, it should be engaging and catchy. In this section, you need to introduce yourself and explain the reasons that made you apply to this particular college or university. 

Just like in any other academic assignment, the introduction is followed by the body paragraphs. They should be organized in logical order. Some students prefer to organize all experiences, events, or actions in chronological order. Make sure all the details mentioned in your personal statement help you reveal your personality and are related to the educational program you apply to. 

To write a good admission essay, you need to learn information about the college or university and understand what kind of students they usually accept. Build a logical chain of the events that contributed to the development of your personality and use a creative approach and you will be able to reach the desired outcome. We assure you that the admission officers are tired from reading the standard application essays. You need to write something that will make them claim, “Wow! I think this girl should become our student!”

Finally, write a powerful conclusion in which you will restate the reason why the application committee should accept your candidacy. Be sure to talk about your experiences, skills, and personal qualities. If you want to mention your hobby, feel free to do it whenever it is appropriate. Indeed, a personal statement is not limited to specific ideas. However, make sure to introduce your candidacy without the fear of sounding too selfish.

What Is Your Paper`s Purpose?

The permission to study in a certain university is the biggest reward you can get for your admission essay. As you can see, writing the common app essay is a particularly responsible and important task that requires much time and efforts. There are many college application essay examples available online and if you are not sure how a good application essay sample should look like, look through the professional sample written by one of our experienced writers.

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Key Secrets of Successful Admission Essay Writing

  1. Focus not only on your personality but on the lessons and experiences that have contributed to its development;
  2. Try not to tell but show;
  3. Keep your focus personal and narrow;
  4. Make sure to follow college application essay format, as well as all the requirements especially in terms of the length and deadline;
  5. Carefully edit and proofread the paper.

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