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How to Define an APA Format Discussion Board Post?

In case you have got a task to submit an effective discussion board post to the forum, you have probably started collecting information about the standards of this academic assignment. There is some active online forum and you have to make a contribution and discuss one of the concepts or topics covered during your classes. You have already realized that although this work resembles usual online chats and commenting, it is far from mere entertainment. In most cases, the discussion in the forum has already been started and your mission is to share your opinion and add your point of view on the raised topic. Although the task seems to be not serious, your grade for the course will depend on it. The content and form of your post will be evaluated by the professor and no favorable comments will be given to some random comments posted just for fun. Provided that you are not sure how to make this post properly written, you can consult your professor first and get some hints about the rubric, syllabus, and standards of writing discussion posts.

If you want to hire some discussion expert, you have to realize that he will have to join an ongoing discussion. It means that he will have to study all the previous posts to give his relevant comments. Thus, it is a must for you to give all the details, files, and links to the writer before he starts writing. The course you have taken should have a separate web page with the recorded posts to be reviewed by the students. Check on the instructions twice: you can either be assigned with the task to provide an original discussion post that other students will comment on or you need to reply to the discussion posts of your fellow students. You have to be careful with every line posted online as the professor assesses your attitude to the studies as well as the content of the texts you post. Being a university or college student, you can have several tasks related to discussion board writing. So, you will have to respond to different themes in different threads of online discussion.

Is Participation of the Students in Board Discussions Mandatory?

Online interaction is a recent means of communication and a lot of people find it easier to use it than to talk face-to-face. Busy students, who find it inconvenient to attend offline classes, as well as those students who feel shy communicating with other people, enjoy this way of sharing opinions. Professors use this valuable tool of studying to evaluate the student’s skills.

Every idea and thought expressed in the online board posts is viewed by others and commented on. It may be challenging for you to take part in the discussions during the lectures or seminars in class. Taking part in online discussion boards is much easier. Besides, if you feel that you cannot focus on the theme and you need help with your writing, you can always benefit from hiring a professional discussion post writer and improving your performance and skills of writing, having a great sample written for you. You will be able to join an interesting discussion with your fellow students and see their interest in the posts you make or discussions you initiate.

Looking for guidance in producing APA format discussion board post, you may find the recommendations from our writing experts valuable:

  • Mind the requirements. Read them twice

A lot of students take this advice light-heartedly and that is the main reason for their failures. This is the most important rule as the misunderstanding of the instructions leads to off-topic answers graded low. You have to gain the utmost understanding of all the guidelines. Moreover, you have to check whether you remember all the formatting requirements for this particular task. For instance, a set of instructions from your professor should contain the specifications about the number of pages, number of sources, style and formatting.

  • Check whether sufficient evidence is included

Professors give their excellent feedback only to the posts with sufficient evidence, not to those with the claims based on generalizations. Thus, all the arguments should be backed up with solid examples and evidence. ‘Please write my discussion post for me!’ a lot of students ask us as they are not good at conducting research or presenting evidence. Besides, they may find it complicated to format the sources accordingly and get a properly composed bibliography. It is essential to mind this writing aspect as quotes without proper citing only seems to be a minor drawback. They can be equaled to plagiarism and that is a serious failure.

Note that you have to respond not only to the original post but also to the comments of other participants of the forum. You may be tempted to leave such comments as ‘I do agree!’ or ‘You might be wrong!’ Unfortunately, that is not enough. You have to adopt a proper tone and justify the response you are making.

  • Procrastination is bad

You have a strict deadline for every task to complete. The topic for an online discussion may be closed after the deadline you have got as final. Thus, if you keep wasting your time, you might be not allowed to leave any more comments. Moreover, posts made at the last minute demonstrate that the author has not paid sufficient attention to the task. You have to make a meaningful contribution to the discussion, so postponing your task will be the wrong thing to do. You need to get sufficient time to think about the ideas to present and your skills in time management will be helpful here.

  • It is ok to ask for further explanations

You have got the general task of writing an APA format discussion board post for tomorrow. Still, you find some of the specifications vague and come off the requirements confusing. It is essential to make sure that your posts have clarity in them, so asking your instructor for some clarifications will be a great decision.

  • Make your tone and language appropriate

Your social media discussions or commenting on such websites as Reddit are different from writing discussion posts for your classes. Professors use this new educational tool more and more often and you have to follow the key principles of participating. It is inappropriate to include any colloquialisms, jargon, or rarely used abbreviations in your posts. Keeping to a semi-formal or formal tone in writing, you have to avoid caps lock, exclamation marks, internet jargon, or emoji. If you remember that the intended audience for your posts is your professor and fellow students, it will be easier for you to sound respectful in your writing.


Let Us Help You in Your Discussion Board Writing!

Have you studied all the standards of working on an online post for a discussion board? Have you realized how you can make this assignment unique? First of all, try to learn all the rules of a successful discussion post. It is a concise essay that is supposed to respond to a certain topic offered by a teacher. Have a look at the steps to take to compose a winning post for a discussion:

  • Double-check the instructions. You have to pay attention not only to the topic of the discussion but also to all the instructions. Follow all of them precisely and you will have a high chance that your paper will be graded with an excellent score. Check whether all the specifications are manageable for you. You want your post to be successful, but you have to be critical and analyze whether you can meet all the demands and instructions. It may be helpful to request some examples from your teacher that will give you more hints on how a nice post should be composed.
  • Do a proper investigation of the assigned topic. Your discussion post assignment required not only your insight into the theme to discuss, but also your understanding of the topic based on the conducted research. Look for reliable sources and pick up only those which will make your writing credible. Your due care with the sources is your first step to excellence and success.
  • Do not disregard the brainstorming. Writing down everything that may be important for your essay, you give yourself a lot of ideas you can use, organizing them properly later.
  • Work on a rough draft. Your discussion board post will address the key aspects of the raised topic. Do that in clear language with vivid explanations and an intriguing tone. Your response should be structured appropriately with a visible introduction, paragraphs of the body, and conclusion.
  • Proofread the discussion board post after it is ready. Good grades are given only to the posts with no flaws in punctuation or grammar.

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