To make our services more beneficial for customers, especially if you place repeat orders, our company has devised an attractive affiliate scheme. Our formula is based on collaboration – our customers support us and we support them.

Each customer will receive a Personalized Reference Number when they place their first order with us, which translates into points or, in other words, these points have a monetary value.

How our Affiliate Scheme Works

  • Access’s website with your user name, which is your email address, and enters the password you set when ordering for the first time.
  • Select the ‘Affiliate’ option and complete the form provided. Remember to fill in your email address so we can send your money, and forward the form to an acquaintance.
  • When the person you recommend places an order with, you will receive 10% off each time that person orders from us.
  • You can use these bonuses whenever you need to place an order for custom-made written work from our company. You can use your points to gain greater discounts or you can let them build up until you have a sufficient amount to order a paper for free.

Earn 10% from every order!

Earn money today! Refer our service to your friends